Project and program management needs vary based your perspective. An owner or agency needs to self-manage or delegate any aspect of project and program management while retaining full visibility of costs and performance. A program management firm needs to manage its own performance while managing the interests of the owner or agency.

Only EcoSys provides a single solution for all stakeholders with immediate access to accurate and up-to-date information. Make informed decisions quickly and with confidence. Manage and control programs and projects consistently using standard processes and methods. Remove data silos to deliver world-class project performance.

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Key Benefits Leading To Better Project & Program Management

Maximize value and improve performance across programs and projects. EcoSys provides:


Monitor and analyze performance with real-time dashboards and reports


Configure business processes to meet organizational and project requirements


Deliver accurate forecasts with benchmarking and active performance measurement

We Interrupt This Program…

Changes are inevitable. How you react to and manage changes is the key to successful program and project management. EcoSys gives you the ability to identify performance trends early, consider alternatives, make better decisions, and quickly take corrective action. Schedule, budget, and forecast impacts can be viewed at any level to support review by exception within a single fully integrated solution. With timely, relevant, and actionable information you will reduce the impact of changes on cost, schedule, and performance.

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Leverage the power of the EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance platform to better manage your projects and programs:

In EcoSys Portfolios:

Develop capital budgets and plans to manage expenditures for all entities involved: owner/agency, AEC/EPC, Program Manager, General Contractor, or Supplier. Manage funding approvals. Monitor and measure performance against historical benchmarks. Plan and manage organizational resources across all programs and projects.

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Capital Budgeting & Planning
Benchmarking & Concept Estimating
Resource Planning
Planning & Scheduling
Detailed Estimating & Budgeting
Resource Management
Change Management
Risk & Issue Management
Performance Management
Project Administration

In EcoSys Projects:

Manage and control project schedules, costs, risks, and forecasts. Collaborate with the project team to complete tasks, resolve issues, and learn from project failures and successes. Manage and optimize resources against organizational capacity managed in EcoSys Portfolios. Analyze performance across the enterprise using benchmarks and key performance indicators to identify challenges and opportunities. Create accurate forecasts using groundbreaking predictability analytics.

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In EcoSys Contracts:

Communicate and collaborate with all stakeholders. Manage and control contract budgets, costs, and forecasts. Integrate project and contract change management to provide a clear audit trail and prevent unnecessary delays. Implement and enforce standard processes for all common project and construction management processes, e.g. RFIs, submittals, transmittals, payment applications, meeting minutes, and many more.

Take advantage of EcoSys Visual Workflows to automate any process to meet your specific needs.

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Procurement Planning
Contract Budget & Cost Control
Contract Change Management

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