Good project management and project controls help you deliver projects on schedule and within budget. However, disconnected manual processes, siloed data, inconsistency and lack of transparency are often major barriers to success.

EcoSys helps you overcome these barriers with a single software solution for project management and project controls. Make informed decisions quickly and with confidence. Automate and standardize work processes to deliver projects consistently. Spend less time on compiling data and more time on forecasting and analysis. Control and manage projects more effectively to lower risk and optimize cost and schedule.

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Key Benefits For Project Controls & Project Management

Confidently measure, predict and improve project performance. Leading organizations around the world trust EcoSys to deliver project success through better:


Reduce effort with faster insights


Identify performance issues and take action


Improve visibility and prevent overruns

Measure. Predict. Improve.

EcoSys manages all project data in one integrated platform. It becomes your central hub for cost, schedule, change, risk, productivity and performance information. Quickly and accurately measure project progress. Produce accurate and reliable forecasts. Take corrective action to better manage cost, schedule, and quality. Deliver consistent and repeatable results by applying industry standards and best practices to all projects.

Ensure project delivery is aligned with portfolio strategy. Feed real-time project data back into project portfolio management for better, more informed strategic decisions.

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EcoSys is trusted by top owners and contractors on the world’s most complex projects. It supports all key processes for project management and project controls:


Project & Contract Planning

Create projects using standards, templates and flexible coding structures. Develop detailed milestones and schedules to monitor and track progress. Integrate schedule and cost information to create time-phased baselines and cash flow forecasts.


Resource Planning & Management

Define resource capacity and capability. Develop resource demand plans. Optimize resource utilization by comparing multiple scenarios, easily identifying and balancing under- or over- utilization.


Fund Management

Manage and control funds from source definition through project expenditure. Align funds to resource plans and project schedules. Control fund access and utilization. Automate reports for faster, more accurate insights to optimize funds allocation and spending.


Estimating & Benchmarking

Develop and manage master rate tables and resource breakdown structures. Use templates to speed estimate creation and enforce standards. Create a link between estimates and budgets. Integrate estimating to improve change management and accuracy.


Budgeting & Forecasting

Create accurate budgets to prevent overruns and surprises. Develop detailed cashflows with integrated cost and schedule. Manage and control changes and contingency utilization. Accurately predict outcomes with standard project forecasting methods based on industry best practices.


Cost Control

Analyze project cost data using up-to-date dashboard and reports. Compare commitments to budgets and actuals to determine corrective actions. Manage and control cost impact of changes, risks and issues using EcoSys Visual Workflows.


Risk, Issue & Change Management

Integrate risk and change management processes between projects and portfolios to improve decision making. Control threats, opportunities, and issues using standard monitoring, analysis, and mitigation techniques. Analyze the cost and schedule impacts of changes. Define workflows and then review and approve changes via the web browser, mobile app or email.


Progress & Performance Management

Leverage standard KPIs to measure and manage project performance, or incorporate your own. Apply any progress method to calculate accurate values based on industry standards, including EIA 748. Review scenarios and perform what-if analysis. Analyze productivity and identify performance, then quickly take corrective action.


Project & Contract Administration

Communicate and collaborate with the project team. Create meeting agendas, capture action items, assign responsibility and use workflow to manage progress and status. Define and manage the project close out process including the capture of lessons learned

With EcoSys, we can look beyond the top-level elements of cost. Delving into the details helps us understand our business at a much greater level than we did before.

Director of Project Controls

Ball Aerospace

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Other Highlights of EcoSys’ Project Controls & Project Management Software:

EcoSys’ solution for enterprise project controls and project management is proven to deliver better project outcomes. It helps you lower risk while helping ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. EcoSys does this by:

  • Eliminating time consuming and error prone manual processes.
  • Freeing managers and analysts to work on things that actually add value to the organization and contribute to profitability.
  • Standardizing success-driving best practices across all projects.
  • Consolidating project data into a central hub for greater visibility and predictability.
  • Helping you identify issues quickly and take action to improve performance.
  • Removing silos of data and other barriers that typically prevent organizations from confidently planning and executing projects.
  • Being flexible enough to handle any project size or type.
  • Increasing adoption and productivity with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Giving you the ability to tailor the system to fit your projects without programming, which allows you to measure, forecast and control projects in a way that makes sense for your organization.
  • Instilling confidence in project teams and executives by improving their ability to impact performance.
  • Empowering better decisions with insights based on real-time information.
  • Driving stakeholder alignment, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

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