Effective project controls help deliver high quality projects on schedule and within budget. However, disconnected manual processes, siloed data, inconsistency, and lack of transparency are major barriers to success. To improve the efficiency and performance of project controls, you need to get the most out of your people, processes, and tools.

EcoSys can help you automate and standardize your work processes. Spend less time on compiling data and more time on forecasting and analysis. Control cost and manage risk more effectively to drive high performing, high value projects.

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Key Benefits For Project Controls

Unlock the true potential of project controls and deliver better project outcomes. EcoSys provides:


All project data integrated into a single version of the truth


Standard processes across the enterprise drive consistency

Business Intelligence

Real-time analytics provide access to data at any level

Measure. Forecast. Improve.

EcoSys breaks down siloes of project data and gives you better visibility into project performance. Quickly and accurately measure project progress. Confidently predict project forecasts. Identify opportunities and threats to future progress. Take action before it’s too late.

Adopt and apply project controls standards across all projects. Deliver consistent and repeatable results by applying industry-driven best practices to manage project cost, schedule, and quality.

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Take your project controls to the next level by leveraging the powerful capabilities in EcoSys Portfolios and Projects:

In EcoSys Portfolios:

Easily maintain and manage annual and multi-year capital budgets. Efficiently request and approve capital projects with workflows for evaluating, ranking, and selecting projects. Manage funding sources in easy-to-use Excel-like spreadsheets. Quickly summarize and report based on any attribute.

Use standard criteria to score, evaluate, and approve the right projects. Opportunity and stage gate management processes with EcoSys Visual Workflows ensure projects are developed in accordance with defined requirements.

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Capital Budgeting & Planning
Funds Management
Project Development
Planning & Scheduling
Detailed Estimating & Budgeting
Resource Management
Change Management
Risk & Issue Management
Performance Management
Project Administration

In EcoSys Projects:

Manage and control project budgets, costs, changes, risks, and forecasts within a single fully integrated solution. Measure project performance using benchmarks, targets, and indicators. Quickly produce accurate forecasts using standard methods and techniques. Communicate project actions, issues, and lessons learned with collaborative project management processes, powered by EcoSys Visual Workflows.

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With EcoSys, we can look beyond the top-level elements of cost. Delving into the details helps us understand our business at a much greater level than we did before.

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