Successful Project Portfolio Management (PPM) requires alignment of organizational strategy and project delivery. Identifying projects that meet company objectives and can be delivered with available resources is crucial to world-class performance.

EcoSys is a unique cloud-based PPM software solution because it allows you to manage project portfolios with insights from actual project data. By bringing strategic planning and project execution together, EcoSys eliminates guesswork and allows you to confidently and effectively optimize your project portfolios, identifying the right timing, capacity and resources.


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Key Benefits for Project Portfolio Management

EcoSys’ cloud-based PPM software ensures you select the projects that are best positioned for success. From there, you can confidently optimize, manage and control projects in response to performance:

Strategic Alignment

Ensure project selection and prioritization align with business strategy


Access real-time project performance data to drive better decisions

Resource Optimization

Plan, allocate and manage portfolio resources to meet project demands

Connecting Business Strategy and Project Management

While other project portfolio management software solutions are disconnected from project management systems, EcoSys maximizes portfolio value by keeping the two within the same platform. This allows you to manage your whole project landscape and apply thoughtful criteria to evaluate and select projects that drive organization growth and ensure strategic alignment.

EcoSys’ integrated approach gives executives and project professionals full visibility into current portfolio performance. Understand the big picture and then quickly drill into details to identify root causes and drive corrective action. Leverage real-time project insights to keep your portfolios protected, balanced and optimized.

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What does EcoSys do? It helps you execute these key project portfolio management processes with confidence:


Portfolio Planning & Control

Create, organize, and manage portfolios in alignment with strategic goals and objectives. Identify portfolio strengths and weaknesses. Using standard criteria, score, evaluate and approve the optimal projects to add to your portfolios.


Resource Planning & Management

Build and manage financial, human, and equipment resource plans to balance supply and demand. Model resources for common projects or facility types to avoid excessive manual work.


Fund Management

Create, organize, and manage portfolios from source definition through project expenditure. Automate reports for faster, more accurate insights on the allocation and spending of funds.


Capital Budgeting & Planning

Manage long- and short-term capital investment budgets and plans. Control and manage annual spending throughout the year and avoid unplanned spending.


Estimating & Benchmarking

Connect estimating with the entire budget lifecycle. Create estimates using industry standard and custom templates. Create and manage enterprise and project rate tables.


Budgeting & Forecasting

Manage costs, quantities and hours for any number of budget types and revisions. Accurately predict project outcomes with forecasting methods based on industry best practices.


Cost Control

Analyze project cost data using up-to-date dashboard and reports. Manage and control the cost impact of changes, risks and issues in real-time using EcoSys Visual Workflows.


Progress & Performance Management

Leverage standard KPIs to measure and manage performance, or incorporate your own. Apply any progress method to calculate accurate values based on industry standards. Identify performance trends and take action.


Risk, Issue & Change Management

Identify, capture, and manage changes while assessing cost and schedule impacts. Review and approve changes via web browser, mobile app or email. Control threats, opportunities and issues using standard monitoring, analysis and mitigation techniques.


Project & Contract Administration

Communicate and collaborate with the project team. Create meeting agendas, capture action items, assign responsibility and use workflow to manage progress and status. Manage project close out and capture lessons learned.

EcoSys handles everything we want. The depth and breadth of the system is phenomenal,

and it is flexible enough to match your work process.

Vice President, Estimating and Project Control


Other Highlights of EcoSys’ Project Portfolio Management Software:

Built on years of experience and industry best practices, EcoSys supports the full PPM lifecycle, and provides a unique environment that helps you maximize portfolio value with confidence:

  • Find the right mix of projects to create balanced, high value portfolios that are within budget and resource constraints.
  • Align project portfolios with corporate strategy.
  • Define, create, and manage project portfolios from inception through execution to close out.
  • Provide a single version of the truth and ensure all stakeholders are on the same page and able to collaborate effectively.
  • Use visual workflows to make the opportunity and stage gate management process easy.
  • Make agile portfolio management decisions supported by a seamless flow of information that creates a reinforcing feedback loop.
  • Optimize portfolios based on real-time “execution” project data.
  • Know your history to better forecast where you are going. Utilize benchmarking to improve estimation, know how you are performing, and deploy predictive analytics.
  • Enterprise-wide visibility into resource capacity and demand provides insights on how to handle conflicting schedules, priorities, and additional costs. 

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