Successful Project Portfolio Management (PPM) requires alignment of organizational strategy and project delivery. Identifying projects that meet company objectives and can be delivered with available resources is crucial to world-class performance. However, the portfolio management landscape is littered with point solutions, homegrown applications, databases, and spreadsheets. This makes it very challenging to effectively manage the projects and contracts under all your portfolios.

EcoSys brings together portfolio, project, and contract information in one enterprise platform. Consolidate systems and streamline processes. Portfolio owners have unparalleled visibility into performance with real-time data from internal and external sources, including direct updates from the field. Balance portfolios, optimize resources, and achieve performance targets.

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Key Benefits For Project Portfolio Management

Align project delivery with business strategy, optimize valuable resources, and drive growth. EcoSys provides:

Strategic Alignment

Ensure project selection and prioritization align with business strategy


Real-time access to project performance data provides true representation of portfolio value

Resource Optimization

Plan, allocate, and manage portfolio resources to meet project demands

Connecting Business Strategy and Project Management

Strategy development and implementation are often disconnected from project delivery. EcoSys maximizes portfolio value by keeping the two within the same platform. This allows you to manage your whole project landscape. Apply thoughtful criteria to evaluate and select projects that drive organization growth. Driven directly by project status and progress, EcoSys offers total visibility into current portfolio performance. Identify issues, assess options, and take action with scenario-based impact analysis. Keep your portfolios protected, balanced, and optimized.

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Leverage the powerful feedback loop between EcoSys Portfolios and Projects to execute key project portfolio management processes efficiently and effectively:

In EcoSys Portfolios:

Built on years of experience and industry best practices, EcoSys Portfolios supports the full PPM lifecycle. Define, create, and manage project portfolios from inception through execution to close out.

EcoSys Visual Workflows make the opportunity and stage gate management processes easy. Ensure projects are developed with defined criteria, justification, and deliverables requirements. Optimize portfolio budgets and resources to meet project demands. Measure performance against benchmarks and KPI’s to identify trends.

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Strategic Planning
Capital Budgeting & Planning
Funds Management
Resource Planning
Portfolio Optimization & Control
Planning & Scheduling
Resource Management
Change Management
Risk & Issue Management
Performance Management
Project Administration

In EcoSys Projects:

Plan, schedule, and manage projects in alignment with portfolio strategy. Control project utilization within available funding and resources. Accurately calculate project progress and forecasts to allow costs to be analyzed at the portfolio level. Manage and communicate project changes and risks to prevent or limit impact on overall portfolio performance and value.

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