Both public and private sector organizations face the challenge of effectively managing funding information, whether for departmental budgeting, joint venture funding, project funding, or public sector grants, taxes, and bond issues. While organizations may have a good handle on current funding, approval status, and where funds are allocated, they often lack visibility into project and operational execution, making it difficult to assess whether funds are effectively used for their intended purpose, and to take corrective action in a timely manner.

Fund Balance Analysis with EcoSys Portfolios

EcoSys Portfolios’ funds management capabilities provide the infrastructure and workflow for managing and distributing funds through the organization and into programs, projects, and operations. Portfolios provides the unique ability to model and manage funding rules “top-down”, and align with “bottom-up” progress and performance information for the fund recipients.

EcoSys Portfolios facilitates the identification, forecasting, and categorization of all source funds. Approvals can be managed through simple or robust workflow processes. Complex rules can be modeled for the allocation of funds from multiple funding sources to recipient budgets, projects, and operations, without the need for complex Excel models or custom programming. Funds can be easily reallocated as needed using a clear, structured process that is protected by an enterprise-level audit trail.

Fund Management Solution Highlights

  • Manage funds from one or more funding sources
  • Automate funding approvals through workflow and email notifications
  • Manage AFEs (authorization for expenditure) and compare against project budgets/forecasts/commitments
  • Model cash flows and perform what-if analysis of investment scenarios
  • Report/view data by fiscal period, project life cycle, funding source
  • Manage and report across projects by portfolio/programs/project types
  • Enforce complex rules for allocations of funds, including strict timing requirements and limitations on the types of projects the funds can be applied toward
  • Reallocate funds as needed, while ensuring auditing of all changes
  • Manage Cash Calls


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