Organizations have different approaches to budgeting. Even within a single organization, the workflows to create, review, approve and change budgets can be quite different between divisions, functional areas, or projects. As a result, the budget planning software that an organization chooses must adapt to these processes, rather than force the organization to change to the software.

EcoSys Portfolios provides powerful and robust corporate budgeting capabilities, able to address the multifaceted budgeting needs of an organization – including operational, fiscal-year budgeting and detailed project budgeting.

Portfolios delivers best practice approaches for budgeting while providing the flexibility to follow the processes that are already established and working within your organization.

Budgeting for Organizations

EcoSys Portfolios was designed to support all the budgeting needs of an organization. This encompasses enterprise-wide budgeting, fiscal-year budgeting, multi-year capital budgeting, operational and departmental budgeting, along with a direct interface to EcoSys Projects for creation and management of project budgets.

EcoSys Portfolios facilitates the full life cycle of budgeting, from budget creation, review, approval through allocation of funds, change management and transfers. Users are granted permission with role-based security. Budgets can be created either top down or bottom up, as needed.

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