The optimal allocation of resources is vital when executing a portfolio of projects. Whether your organization is responsible for a large number of small projects, or for fewer large strategic projects (or both), managing global resources – whether labor, equipment, or materials – can be a real challenge. Typically, resource planning efforts are highly manual and labor-intensive, involving collating numerous spreadsheets to produce reports. This process, which doesn’t include a resource management software solution, allows little time for analysis and forecasting. As a result, it is often difficult to trust that the results are accurate.

Resource Management with EcoSys Portfolios

EcoSys Portfolios is an easy-to-use, web-based solution that applies best practices into its resource planning and management capabilities. Portfolios is used to balance an organization’s workforce capacity or “supply” with project and operational demand. Organizations can determine the optimal workforce utilization based on skill, location, region, project priority, cost, and any other criteria. The software will forecast skill gaps to help justify resource hiring, and supports flexible what-if scenario forecasting. Portfolios will take a similar approach to equipment and labor to proactively anticipate shortfalls and minimize idle time.

EcoSys’ industry-leading data integration supports data from many sources (Human Resources, timesheets, labor supply systems/spreadsheets, project schedules, procurement).  Automation allows analysts to shift their focus from data collection to analysis, optimization, and identification of opportunities to reallocate resources according to strategic priority.

Solution Highlights

  • Analyze top-down (supply) vs. project bottom-up (demand)
  • Integrate organization/HR and project data in one software system
  • Define resource dictionary based on key information for decision-support (disciplines, skills, certifications, experience, etc.)
  • Manage resource utilization and productivity
  • Monitor resource hours, costs, and revenue
  • Perform flexible reporting and analysis
  • Integrate with resource-loaded schedule data and timesheet systems to consolidate resource plans and actuals
  • Import data from Excel or manage it directly in EcoSy Portfolio with web-based spreadsheets
  • Support project portfolio planning by assessing resource demand for both committed and potential projects
  • Develop What-if scenarios to aid in planning and forecasting
  • Perform detailed resource gap analysis to identify over- and under-utilization of resources
  • Model workflow and approval process for demand management and resource allocation


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