Maximizing margins or investment returns demands comprehensive, enterprise-wide resource planning and management aligned with organizational strategy. Resource optimization requires real-time visibility of the resource trinity: capacity, demand, and availability. Scenarios analyses tailored to your unique business and organization structure enable easy balancing of the very many demands against often limited availability.

EcoSys provides a holistic approach to resource planning and management in one integrated solution, capable of managing all types of resource, whether human, equipment, materials, or financial. Powerful time-phasing capabilities ensure resources can be planned over any time horizon, supporting short and long-range views for any enterprise resource profile. External resource capacity and demand sources – like HR and scheduling systems – are easily incorporated via EcoSys’s modern web services-based integration architecture.

Key Benefits

Plan and track resources across the enterprise and throughout the portfolio, project, and contract lifecycle, monitor and measure productivity, and produce accurate cost and schedule forecasts. EcoSys enables:

Resource Optimization

Create and manage capacity plans and scenario analyses to easily balance enterprise or departmental capacity with opportunity and project demand

Strategic Alignment

Utilize resources on projects most aligned to business strategy and organizational growth goals


Effectively manage resource demand using integrated resource estimates, project plans, forecasts, and performance

Resource Management Integrated to Drive Portfolio Performance

It’s the resources that turn business building strategies into reality. EcoSys arms resource managers with direct access to resource utilization and performance across all portfolios, programs, and projects. In turn, they develop resource capacity plans quickly. Allocate resources to programs and projects and optimize utilization based on project plans and forecasts. Monitor progress and measure performance at the project level to identify and act upon potential allocation changes needed to keep projects on track and resources utilized. Resource availability and usage information is readily available via built-in reports and dashboards, enabling early identification of problem areas.

When availability issues arise or business and project changes occur, EcoSys supports rapid adjustments to capacity or demand plans, ensuring projects have the resources when and where they’re needed, avoiding costly delay or disruption.

Leverage powerful capabilities in EcoSys Portfolios and Projects to optimize resources and reduce idle time across your enterprise:

In EcoSys Portfolios:

Develop detailed resource plans based on enterprise capacity, capability, and availability. Allocate resources to opportunities in accordance with business goals and priorities. Analyze and manage resource allocations to prevent under- and over-utilization. Use resource performance benchmarks during estimate creation and to monitor planned progress during execution.

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Resource Planning
Pipeline Management
Project Development
Portfolio Optimization & Control
Planning & Scheduling
Detailed Estimating & Budgeting
Resource Management
In EcoSys Projects:

Allocate resources to projects to form detailed demand plans, whether by resource type or named resource. Create and manage resource requests using EcoSys Visual Workflows, ensuring all stakeholders are involved in the request, evaluation, balancing, and assignment process. Accurately forecast future resource requirements using progress and performance based on innovative progress and forecasting methods, automatically leveraging data from design, engineering, procurement, and construction management systems.

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