Shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages (STO) require a unique type of project management, demanding extensive planning and effective coordination of labor and materials in the run up to the STO event, and rapid, daily progress measurement, productivity analysis, and forecasting during the event. Any failure to accurately estimate and forecast the remaining effort has significant repercussions on both costs and revenues.

EcoSys improves the ability to plan and execute STO projects by integrating all critical data into a centralized location to immediately access for review and analysis. Quickly identify risks, issues, and changes to make better, more informed decisions and effectively communicate progress to all stakeholders via EcoSys Visual Workflows.

Key Benefits

EcoSys planning, controlling, performance monitoring and analysis processes are specifically configured to meet the needs of STO projects management, providing better:


Automatically integrate all data sources – engineering, procurement, scheduling, timesheets – providing instant access to real-time performance information and semi-automated forecasts


Define and implement consistent turnaround planning, execution, and delivery methods, readily integrating cost, quantities, resources and progress

Planning & Forecasting

Develop plans quickly based on historical cost, schedule, and performance benchmarks. Adopt any progress and forecast calculations to provide a familiar approach to STO managers

Plan Effectively and Drive Efficiency

Timely and accurate data is key to the successful delivery of shutdown and turnaround projects. EcoSys allows for STO and capital project work to be managed and delivered within a single solution. This provides a unique view into all activity performed during the STO execution window. Access the latest cost, schedule, resource, and progress information at any time. Review STO dashboards and reports to compare current status against planned progress using historical benchmarks to identify potential performance issues.

Leverage EcoSys Portfolios and Projects to minimize the risk and downtime associated with STO across your enterprise:

In EcoSys Portfolios:

Create and manage financial, human, and equipment resource plans for STO projects and optimize against project demand. Manage resource requests for planned events and monitor resource utilization based on progress and performance from EcoSys Projects.

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Resource Planning
Planning & Scheduling
Detailed Estimating & Budgeting
Resource Management
Change Management
Risk & Issue Management
Performance Management
In EcoSys Projects:

Develop detailed estimates and resource plans to optimally execute STO scope. Integrate data from client ERP systems and contractor time and cost management systems to automatically extract, transform, and load cost, schedule, and progress data. Automatically calculate KPIs to report status and performance quickly to all stakeholders. Identify and control risks, issues, and changes with consistent STO management procedures via EcoSys Visual Workflows. Allow stakeholders to respond to workflow requests and view dashboards on any mobile device. Accurately calculate forecasts based on progress and performance and adjust remaining work plans accordingly.

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