Capital projects continue to increase in complexity. However, the demands for reduction in costs, shorter delivery schedules, streamlined processes, and higher returns remain the same. Information technology must become a strategic solution furthering organization objectives and be able to meet the challenges of all project stakeholders.

EcoSys is a modern, fully web-based software platform that scales to the enterprise. Offering a feature- and function-rich foundation of standard processes, EcoSys drives business success by allowing you to consolidate many systems, tools and spreadsheets into an enterprise powerhouse.


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Key Benefits of the EcoSys Architecture

EcoSys is an integrated enterprise software platform for the full lifecycle of projects. Avoid the need to integrate many disparate systems and data sources. EcoSys provides:


Build on industry-standard processes and configure solutions based on requirements

Enterprise Ready

A secure, scalable, fully auditable and integrated enterprise platform

Simplified Maintenance

Maintain performance, quality, security and reliability standards in a single environment

Natively Connected, Out-of-the-Box

All process areas in EcoSys are integrated seamlessly to provide a single solution for project portfolio management and project controls & project management. Data flows easily to facilitate full lifecycle processes, workflows, and drill-down. This native integration is a cut above competing products where multiple software vendors have been acquired over time. Avoid the multiple disjointed databases and technology stacks that create headaches for IT.

EcoSys provides unparalleled flexibility to tailor solutions that match customer workflows. Meet any variety of project requirements ā€“ from small projects, to global workshare, to large megaprojects.

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Other Highlights of EcoSys’ Web-Based Software Architecture:

Enterprise performance and scalability are key elements of EcoSys’ design, making it a unique solution for all projects sizes and types. EcoSys is differentiated by:

No-Code Configurability

EcoSys is the most flexible EPP platform on the market. Screens, spreadsheets/tables, forms, workflows, alerts, formulas/KPIs, reports, dashboards and menus are configured without the need for programming or IT resources. This makes EcoSys easier and less expensive to use and maintain.



Replace siloed legacy and point solutions with fully integrated enterprise software. EcoSys provides a single login/single database platform that supports all portfolio and project management processes. Simplify and reduce the cost of your project software environment.



EcoSys ships with rich processes, designed to work in many situations. It also provides a unique ability to adapt to your processes and data structures. This perfect balance of standard software and flexibility is a big reason EcoSys has become the global leader. EcoSys offers:

  • Configured versus custom: No programming skills are needed, and configured solutions are supported during software upgrades.
  • Scalable Processes: Apply standard processes on all projects regardless of size or complexity for better efficiency and control.
  • Built-in Business Intelligence: Standard and configurable dashboards and reports, tailored to each role.
  • Custom Fields and Formulas: The central formula library ensures accuracy across an unlimited number of custom fields and formulas.
  • What-If Scenarios: Create an unlimited number of data versions and snapshots to compare changes in budget, forecast, and performance.

Modern Technology Design

EcoSys is a web-based solution built using HTML/AJAX technology. Java and DHTML provide a secure, high-performing platform. EcoSys scales both horizontally and vertically using industry leading application server software and operates on either Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Unique Integration

EcoSys supports extensive integration with 3rd party software using the following methods:

  • EcoSys Connect and the Web Services API
  • Pre-configured, connectors for Oracle Primavera P6 and SAP
  • EcoSys Live Connectors. Providing end users with real-time, on-demand views of any external source via compliant web services
  • Front-end spreadsheet and file imports/exports.


Scalability & Performance

Manage any number of portfolios, programs, projects, and contracts. From one-off mega projects to multi-year capital programs, EcoSys handles millions of transactions with ease, using:

  • Optimized Calculation Techniques: Utilize parallel-thread calculations to maximize performance and responsiveness.
  • Strategic In-Memory Caching: Access common data instantly through adoption of highly available and durable in-memory cache.

Only EcoSys provided a solution robust enough and flexible enough to execute our vision of a best-practice project cost management system.

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Flexible Delivery Methods

Access portfolio, project, and contract information anywhere, anytime. EcoSys is a fully web-based solution that can be deployed on-premise, in a managed hosting environment, or as a SaaS solution. Choose which option is best suited to your IT, infrastructure and access needs.

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