The growth in demand for mobile applications is expected to continue for years to come. On-demand access to real-time information and the ability to communicate quickly and effectively are a vital part of driving and improving projects performance.

Successful project delivery requires input and involvement by all stakeholders; from the contractor discovering issues in the field, to the executive reviewing performance while travelling. The mobile-enabled business processes and analytics offered by EcoSys provide the access, flexibility, efficiency, and ease-of-use demanded by today’s leading organizations.

Key Benefits

Unlock the true potential of enterprise mobility – stay connected to your projects anytime, anywhere. The EcoSys Mobile platform provides:


Anywhere and anytime access to information for project team and executives


Understand project status instantly with access to real-time information


Allow project teams to work better together to deliver successful projects

Easily Build Your Own Apps

The EcoSys Mobile platform allows mobile apps to be created quickly with zero coding requirements or custom integration with external services or platforms. The ability to create and deploy mobile applications in days, not months, without increasing the burden on internal IT teams empowers the projects organization to deliver this increasingly important business need.

EcoSys Mobile apps are natively integrated with all EcoSys core products, using the same EcoSys data architecture and business logic. All updates to the mobile apps are made in real-time without the need to update from an app store.

Mobilize your workforce to improve communications, increase productivity, and deliver projects better.

Adopt industry best practices rapidly with out-of-the box apps that meet the most in-demand project requirements:

Progress Reporting

Quickly record field progress and submit to supervisors for review and approval directly from your mobile device. Eliminate the need for paper-based field reporting processes.

Change Management

Easily create change requests and immediately start the review and approval workflow. Timely reporting of potential changes allows for proper assessment of options and correct course of action.

Issues Tracking

Report and manage issues efficiently during project execution. Capture issue details, including photographs, and communicate to managers for review and action.

Custom EcoSys Mobile Apps

Other examples of EcoSys mobile app adoption includes support for the following processes:

  • Executive reporting and analytics
  • Daily reporting of activities and status
  • Safety Incident reporting
  • Project forecast updates
  • Alerts and notifications
  • PR and PO approvals
  • Funding request approvals


Operating Systems

Build apps compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Multi Navigational and User Interface (UI) Options

Create apps using the following navigational and UI options: App Tray, App Main Menus, Card List Views, Sort and Filter capability, View and Edit Form options, and Action Functions.

Advanced Security

EcoSys Mobile uses SSL/HTTPS encryption between mobile devices and EcoSys server. Authentication available using Native or LDAP modes. All access permissions and authority levels are managed within EcoSys Web. This includes roles, menu access, security groups, data access levels (Read/Write, Read Only), and creation of new users.

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