Successful project delivery requires smooth execution of business processes. Everyone needs to be on the same page, and do their part to avoid bottlenecks that cause project delays and overruns.

Digitally modeling these processes with visual workflows adds clarity, efficiency and accountability. EcoSys provides robust capabilities to build visual workflows with rules that help business processes run smoothly.


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Key Benefits of EcoSys Visual Workflows

Unlock the true potential of project controls and project management by standardizing and automating your workflows. EcoSys provides:


Improve productivity and optimize resources

Real-Time Access

Take immediate action and save time and money


Create a culture of accountability and responsibility

Optimizing Your Workflows is Easy

EcoSys is the only commercially available solution that provides the optimal UX for every user, enabled via its no-code configurability. This means that users are able to tailor workflows to meet business needs without the use of IT resources.

Model and visualize workflows through drag and drop capabilities. Easily create workflow elements and sequence the process. Incorporate business rules where necessary, for example, when approvals are needed to pass through the stage-gate process. Make changes, add additional steps or create new workflows as business needs evolve.

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Other Highlights of EcoSys Visual Workflows

Quickly build workflows that automate your business processes based on best practices. Eliminate manual data tasks and boost productivity and performance across the enterprise:

  • Integrate workflows with pre-configured OOTB processes.
  • Improve business process management and KPI measurement.
  • Create workflows for key processes such as project approvals, budget approvals, change management, progress measurement and ideation.
  • Create workflows without programming using drag and drop functionality.
  • Automate business rules to enforce standards and improve efficiency.
  • Integrate workflows with EcoSys Mobile Apps.
  • Integrated email notifications and actions ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Easily scale to and expand as your business needs arise.

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