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EcoSys Training Mission

EcoSys Training seeks to provide a professional and engaging learning environment for technical and business leaders to learn EcoSys.

All of our courses are designed to allow technical and business leaders to:

  • Develop an understanding of EcoSys terminology and functionality
  • Provide methodology and conceptual understanding of the configuration process and configuration of EcoSys tools
  • Provide knowledge in order to communicate clearly with consultants and troubleshoot with support
  • Build a foundation for configuration of minor modifications, reports, charts, and other configuration objects in order to become self-sufficient*
  • Grow capacity to be able to complete basic troubleshooting internally, prior to contacting EcoSys Customer Support

* Any new products or business that require configuration should be requested from the EcoSys Professional Services team.

EcoSys Training offers three types of courses: Scheduled online classes, On-Premise classes, and Customized classes. Scheduled classes are offered regularly throughout the year. The currently offered courses are described below.

Class Schedule & Registration

Dates Course Name PPM Course ID Price Location Registration Close Date Register now
August 24 – 27, 2020 EcoSys System Administration TECO3000 $1,500/student (USD) Online August 5, 2020 Register
September 15 – 18, 2020 Advanced EcoSys Configuration TECO2200 $2,500/student (USD) Houston, TX August 27, 2020 Register
October 5 – 8, 2020 Introduction to EcoSys Configuration TECO2000 $2,500/student (USD) Online September 16, 2020 Register
October 26 – 29, 2020 Advanced EcoSys Report & Chart Configuration TECO2100 $1,500/student (USD) Online October 7, 2020 Register
November 16 – 19, 2020 EcoSys System Administration TECO3000 $1,500/student (USD) Online October 28, 2020 Register
December 8 – 11, 2020 Advanced EcoSys Configuration TECO2200 $2,500/student (USD) Broomfield, CO November 19, 2020 Register

Course Descriptions

Course #/Name EcoSys Configuration Training Course Description
TECO2000 — Introduction to EcoSys Configuration

This updated Introduction to EcoSys Configuration course is now offered online.  This is the principal course designed for technical and business leaders to provide an introduction to EcoSys configuration.  Introducing the methodology to structure the configuration of EcoSys data tools: Spreadsheets, Formulas, Forms, Actions, Reports, Charts and Screen Layouts. EcoSys Project Performance exercises explore the Enterprise Project Performance process providing context for a series of configuration exercises.  Online course participation requires functional system webcam and headset with microphone.

(Online 4 days; On-Premise 3.5 days)

TECO2001 — What’s New in EcoSys V. 8.2-8.5 

EcoSys continues to help organizations better measure, forecast, and improve project performance. This EcoSys course is designed for users to learn the new, modified, and enhanced features, such as Visual Workflows, Looping Actions, and new features of Screen Layouts, in EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance software release versions 8.2 through 8.5. This course is live-instructed with hands on exercises in an interactive format. This course serves as a supplemental course for individuals who have completed prior course work with EcoSys training and would like to learn more about new functionality.

(Online 2 days; On-Premise 2 days)

TECO2100 — Advanced EcoSys Report & Chart Configuration 

This EcoSys configuration course is designed for technical and business leaders to focus in depth on new report and chart features introduced with the report builder engine. Report development strategies present time saving configuration team steps, and end user display flexibility. Configuration exercises explore sub report combinations, complex display formatting and report batches. New charting exercises use key project performance indicators to create multi-series S-curves, as well as analyze CPI/SPI formula creation and project performance in visual displays. Attendees are required to have completed the TECO2000 course taught by a Hexagon PPM EcoSys Certified Instructor. Online course participation requires functional system webcam and headset with microphone.

(Online four 4-hour sessions; On-Premise 2 days)

TECO2200 — Advanced EcoSys Configuration

The updated TECO2200 course builds on initial EcoSys course concepts by delivering advanced topical and technical information for technical attendees. Developing complex configuration exercises, TECO2200 presents new Spreadsheet subject areas, Formula decoding and troubleshooting, Report template building, and new Chart elements.   Additional EcoSys exercises advance skill process models. Extending current client applications or mastering configuration methodology boost proficiencies via Transaction Summary subject area exposure, Allowable Values concepts, Save Actions, Recalculating Group Formulas and Screen Layout parameters. Attendees are required to have completed the TECO2000 course taught by a Hexagon PPM EcoSys Certified Instructor.

(On-Premise 3.5 days)

TECO3000 — EcoSys System Administration

This course will cover the functional administration of EcoSys. Topics discussed will include: standard administrative procedures like client user creation and security management, and the managing of enterprise data subject areas (such as Categories, Rate Tables, Currencies, and Time Periods). Technical Leaders and System Administrators review Integration and Admin menus and analyze system logs and reports.  There is limited EcoSys tool (EcoSys Spreadsheet templates, report templates) configuration exposure. This course is focused on the role of an administrator within EcoSys and will not cover technical topics such as system install, specific third-party integration (high level only) and functional end user module configuration. Attendees are required to have completed the TECO2000 course taught by a Hexagon PPM EcoSys Certified Instructor. Online course participation requires functional system webcam and headset with microphone.

(Online four 4-hour sessions; On-Premise 2 days)

Additional Training Options

Course Type Description
On-Premise Classes
The courses described above are available to be provided at the client’s location. The courses are designed for a standard number of days of training based on the course, with up to 8 students attending
Customized Classes
These are non-standard classes, customized and designed to address a client’s specific requirements, including timeframes, combo courses, specific areas of interest, etc. These courses typically take place at either the client’s location, the Intergraph Houston, Texas training facility, or the EcoSys Broomfield, Colorado office for up to 8 students. Hourly consulting rates apply for all customization of any material or client data required for class.

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