EcoSys is a fully configurable solution that adapts to the needs of any organization or industry. Through our years of experience implementing project portfolio management, project controls and project management software, we have developed a depth of understanding of the common issues facing specific industries. We work with our customers and leading experts to incorporate industry-specific best practices into project controls and project management software.


Oil & Gas

EcoSys provides EPCs and owners in the upstream and midstream oil & gas industry with a centralized and standardized approach to managing any type of project.

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EcoSys allows chemicals companies to manage all projects and portfolios consistently and efficiently within a single solution.

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EcoSys helps the entire power utilities value chain, from power generators to transmission & distribution to EPCs to equipment manufacturers deliver better projects.

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Transportation Infrastructure

EcoSys helps transportation agencies and contractors manage programs, capital plans, resources and funds all in a single solution.

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Mining companies use EcoSys to operate with efficiency and leverage data to make the best possible decisions

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EcoSys gives water utilities a centralized approach to project portfolio management, project controls and project management

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Engineering, Procurement and Construction

EcoSys helps EPCs improve margins across all projects with better efficiency and decision making

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EcoSys enables shipbuilders to meet increased customer demand while balancing supply chain uncertainties, regulatory requirements, and more.

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Tailor a solution to your processes, not the other way around.

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