Mining and metals companies are facing an increasingly complex industry landscape. New environmental regulations, coupled with supply constraints have raised the stakes and made executing with efficiency a top priority.

EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance software gives you a single platform for managing your projects and portfolios. Having a centralized and standardized approach to project portfolio management, project controls and project management reduces complexity and allows you to deliver projects with maximum efficiency.


Leading organizations in the Mining industry trust EcoSys:

Streamline your project software and maximize efficiency.

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Key Benefits of EcoSys for the Mining Industry

EcoSys helps you manage complex projects efficiently. Establish benchmarks and mature your processes. Improve your project performance through:

Better Control

Ensure governance and controls are applied to all phases of your projects, not just execution.

A Single Source of Truth

Real-time accurate data – no more disjointed back-office systems and repositories.

Greater Efficiency

Spend less time on low value tasks and more time analyzing and improving performance.

Taking Mining Projects to the Next Level

Global investment in the mining industry is expected to grow by as much as 50% by 2030. Rising expectations, combined with increasing project complexity has made it difficult to execute consistently deliver desired levels of performance. To overcome these challenges, you need to standardize best practices across all projects, operate with efficiency, and leverage your data to make the best possible decisions.

EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance software provides a solid technology foundation on which to execute your projects. It gives you total visibility into project and portfolio performance, allowing you to make better decisions, optimize resources, and identify best practices that should be rolled out across the organization.

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Integrate Strategy with Project Planning and Delivery

EcoSys brings together critical project data into a single, integrated solution for project portfolio management, project controls and project management. Full visibility into the performance of projects helps you avoid risks and issues before they occur. See measurable improvements to key business processes like:

Cost Controls

  • Analyze project cost data using up-to-date dashboards and reports.
  • Compare commitments to budgets and actuals.
  • Gain key insights based on accurate information to inform corrective action.
  • Manage and control the cost impact of changes, risks and issues using EcoSys Visual Workflows.

Project & Contract Planning

  • Create projects using standards, templates and flexible coding structures.
  • Develop detailed milestones and schedules to monitor and track performance.
  • Integrate schedule and cost information to create time-phased baselines.
  • Develop accurate cash flow forecasts.

Progress & Performance Management

  • Leverage standard KPIs to measure performance.
  • Incorporate your own KPIs to match your process.
  • Apply any progress method to calculate accurate values based on industry standards.
  • Review scenarios and perform what-if analysis.
  • Analyze productivity and identify performance trends, then quickly take corrective action.

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