Until recently, the Chemicals industry had been experiencing somewhat of a golden age. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic and other market forces have introduced new levels of uncertainty and volatility. This has raised the stakes for project delivery.

EcoSys brings reliability to project delivery with a centralized and standardized approach to project portfolio management, project controls and project management. Drive consistency and efficiency across your organization, reducing risks and preventing impacts to safety and profits.

Leading organizations in the Chemicals industry trust EcoSys:

The market is uncertain, but project performance doesn’t have to be.

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Key Benefits of EcoSys for the Chemicals Industry

EcoSys helps you manage cost and schedule for all planned and ongoing projects in a single solution. Analyze and optimize performance and resources with:

Connected Information

Remove silos and barriers to information for all stakeholders. Assess impacts at the enterprise level based on accurate data.

Strategic Alignment

Ensure you are executing projects that contribute to strategic objectives. Manage critical activities in a single enterprise solution.

Confident Decisions

Ensure deliverables are met throughout the full project lifecycle. Consider alternatives at every stage and make informed decisions.

Reliability in the Face of Uncertainty

Global oil demand isn’t expected to return to pre-COVID levels. Crude and feedstock variability is increasing, and environmental and quality regulations are tightening. With so much uncertainty, you need to focus on what you can control: De-risking your portfolios as much as possible. Select projects that will have the greatest impact on the organization, and then execute them efficiently and effectively.

Enterprise Project Performance technology helps you take back control. Digitalize, centralize and standardize key processes to eliminate data silos and drive consistency across your organization. Approaching project performance from an enterprise-wide perspective improves efficiency, predictability and control and allows you to confidently make decisions that improve project outcomes.

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Integrate Strategy with Project Planning and Delivery

EcoSys brings together critical project data into a single, integrated solution for project portfolio management, project controls and project management. Full visibility into the performance of projects helps you avoid risks and issues before they occur. See measurable improvements to key business processes like:

Project & Contract Planning

  • Create projects using standards, templates, and flexible coding structures.
  • Develop detailed milestones and schedules to monitor and track progress.
  • Integrate cost and schedule to create time-phased baselines and cash flow forecasts.

Estimating & Benchmarking

  • Connect estimating with the full budget lifecycle.
  • Use templates to speed creation and enforce standards.
  • Create and manage project rate tables and resource breakdown structures.
  • Integrate estimating to improve change management and accuracy.

Progress & Performance Management

  • Leverage standard KPIs to measure performance.
  • Incorporate your own KPIs to match your process.
  • Apply any progress method to calculate accurate values based on industry standards.
  • Review scenarios and perform what-if analysis.
  • Analyze productivity and identify performance trends, then quickly take corrective action.

EcoSys handles everything we want. The depth and breadth of the system is phenomenal,

and it is flexible enough to match your work process.

Vice President, Estimating and Project Control


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