Project decisions are only as good as the data they are based on. Having fully integrated processes with accurate, up-to-date data gives project teams the ability to improve outcomes.

EcoSys Connect is a cloud-enabled integration platform that provides no-code and low-code integration solutions between EcoSys and other software systems. It has never been easier to bring all your project data together to drive greater efficiency, productivity and insightful decision making.


Don’t wait. Connect all of your project data!

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Key Benefits of EcoSys Connect

Connect EcoSys with all your project data sources with superior:


Cloud-enabled, bi-directional integrations with almost any data source


Easily update and maintain integrations with no-code configurability


Unique technology informs your dashboards and reports faster than ever

Integration Unlocks Performance

Too often, critical insights are delivered too late to affect positive change. Project teams are hindered by siloes of data and disconnected systems.

EcoSys mitigates these challenges in two ways:

  1. Providing out-of-the-box, integrated processes that span project portfolio management, project controls and project management.
  2. Where EcoSys doesn’t have native capability, easily integrating with external systems using EcoSys Connect.

Data integration is usually complicated, often consuming up to 40% of the time and effort of an enterprise software implementations. EcoSys Connect makes integrations more responsive, faster to achieve and less costly.

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Other Highlights of Integrations with EcoSys Connect

Easily set up and maintain integrations, accelerating your time to value and lowering implementation costs:

  • Cloud-enabled integration platform.
  • Intuitive user dashboards.
  • Library of pre-configured integrations
  • No-code or low code configurability.
  • Automated data transfer.
  • Configurable field mapping and transformations.
  • Powerful web services API.
  • On-premise to cloud integrations.
  • Container-based installation.
  • Easily scale to and expand as your business needs arise.

Eliminate your data siloes. Get EcoSys Connect!

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